As a Committee, we are aware that weather conditions are likely to be unfavourable for this weekend’s Wargrave & Shiplake Regatta.

At present, we are expecting to hold the Regatta as planned.

Any change to this advice (such as cancelling the regatta) will be published on our website by 0500 Friday 9 August 2019.

If WEATHER CONDITIONS look overly threatening BEFORE racing starts at 0900 Friday …

  • We may decide to delay the start of racing
  • In these circumstances, we may adopt a re-scheduled race programme
  • This will reduce the number of races overall
  • This will NOT exclude any competitors
  • No crew will be asked to race earlier than their existing race time
  • In these circumstances, an announcement will be made by 0830 
  • A new race programme will be published on the noticeboard in the Control Tent by 0900

 ONCE RACING HAS STARTED, we will adopt the following guidelines …

In the event of LIGHTNING …

  • We cease racing immediately
  • All crews will be called in from the river immediately
  • Racing will re-start 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen and is evident 


  • In the interests of Health & Safety, we may decide to cancel certain events
  • This will help to ensure the timely running of the regatta
  • Almost inevitably, this will focus on Junior events, particularly Under 12 events

In the event of HEAVY RAIN (no lightning evident) …

  • We will continue racing
  • If this becomes inappropriate, we may decide to suspend racing (as per our provisions for lightning)

Overall …

  • Competitors MUST be prepared to be flexible and ready to race as appropriate
  • Any delays through weather will inevitably require us to race later into both Friday and Saturday

The Committee hopes you will understand our need to formulate the above provisions, and that you will be able to support us as appropriate.

As always, our first priority is the health, safety and welfare of everyone attending the regatta. We will take whatever steps we feel appropriate to ensure this priority.

Please also be prepared for the anticipated wet & windy conditions off the river and bring appropriate clothing etc.

Gazebos may only be erected from 5am on Friday but as this is when the worst wet weather is anticipated, it may be prudent to arrive later.

Gazebos must not be left unattended at any time and should either be packed away at the end of Friday or lowered with the awning removed.

Fingers crossed the forecaSt improves over the next 36 hours!