Virtual Punting in Canoes 2021

Sadly, once again, there will be no actual Regatta this year. There is, however, another opportunity for the very brave, and those inclined to frivolity, to enter the 2021 Virtual Punting in Canoes

You may recall that this formed a poor substitute for the real Regatta in 2020. The winners, Sophie and Henry Snape, and indeed all the contestants, were rightly celebrated in the Spring Silver Rudder. This year it could be you!

The way it works:

  • You enter as a pair by emailing with your name, the name of your partner and their email address by midnight on Wednesday 4th August
  • At 1800 on Thursday 5th August the draw will be sent to all who enter
  • The results of each race will be decided by the toss of a virtual coin
  • Updated draws with the results will be sent out by email on a regular basis, during Friday and Saturday
  • The result of the final will be published around 1800 on Saturday

You don’t have to:

  • dress up
  • be able to swim
  • be able to punt
  • pay
  • think about Health & SafetyYou do have to

You do have to:

  • respond by emailing with your name and the name of your partner with their email address by midnight onWednesday 4th August
  • have an enthusiastic sense of frivolity and fun

Good luck & happy punting!