150th Anniversary

Celebrating 150 years

2017 is a truly landmark year for the Wargave & Shiplake Regatta as we celebrate turning 150. Our Sesquicentenary, no less!

We have lots of things planned including a Post-Regatta Party in the enclosure on the Saturday night and the introduction of a special, one-off, new event; the Jubilee Dongola. Please also take a moment to admire our shiny new logo above.

More details are shown below and linked on our website with more to be revealed over the coming weeks.


Jubilee Dongola

This year we have created a new Dongola event for families and friends to take part in. Crews will comprise 2 men, 2 women and 2 kids with a prize available for best outfits. Read more

Post-Regatta Party

Join us for a memorable evening on the Riverbank to watch the fireworks on the Saturday night. Book your tickets here!

150th Anniversary Club

The 150th Anniversary Club is a simple way of fundraising for the Regatta Charity and gives members the chance to win cash prizes.

The odds are much better than the national lottery – each member has a minimum of 1 in 300 chance of winning every quarter! Sign-up Now