The 150 Club


Become a 150 Club member to win cash prizes at far better odds than the lottery! In fact, since it started over £4000 has been won and it’s only £5 a month to subscribe.

Created in 2015 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the regatta, the 150 Club raises essential funds for the Regatta Charity, with 75% of subscriptions going towards the running of the event and 25% as prizes to members.

How Does It Work?

The draw is limited to 300 numbers, and £5 a month gets you one number (to increase your odds you can hold more than one number). 

Each quarter three numbers are drawn at random. The first wins 70% of the pot, second 20%, and third 10%.

How Do I Join?

To join complete the application form and standing order form and send it back by post or email (full details on the forms). Full rules

You can unsubscribe at any time by giving three month’s notice.

How Much Could I Win?

The draw takes place quarterly and the number of subscriptions each quarter varies. Each member has a minimum of 1 in 300 chance of winning. Since it started in 2015, 68 people have won £4,600 between them!

If 200 numbers are allocated the total prize fund would be £750 (200 members x £5 x 3 months x 25%). Three winning numbers would be drawn and the prize split would be:

1st number drawn: £525
2nd number drawn: £150
3rd number drawn: £75

Why Does the Regatta Need to Raise Funds?

Income generated from the regatta contributes 75% to the costs of running the event and we rely on Subscribers and 150 Club Members to make up the deficit. You can see the full regatta costs and income here.

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