Cookie Policy

Since May 2012, a new EU Directive came into effect requiring any website that uses cookies to notify the visitor. This applies to about 90% of the websites on the internet, including this one.


Cookies are tiny files exchanged between the website and your computer which are used when a website has to ‘remember’ something about you – for example, if you’re on a website with a shop on it, a cookie might be used to remember what you have put in your shopping cart as you click through the site. So they’re pretty important.


The overwhelming majority (99.9%) are completely harmless and innocuous, will have no negative effect on your computer, and their only function is to help the website you are viewing work more effectively, or at all.


Unfortunately, a lot of people in the European Parliament who don’t really understand how the internet works believed some scare stories about ‘rogue’ cookies stealing your credit cards, emptying your bank account, robbing your house and killing your dog, and, well, here we are.


This website uses cookies solely to make the dynamic elements of the site (eg the retailer locator) work properly. We will never store any information about you without your knowledge, or sell or exchange any personal information about you to any other party, via cookies or anything else.


We hope this puts your mind at rest. If you would like more information, please use the contact form to ask us anything more specific.