Use of Media Statement

At the Regatta and any other linked events (Practice Sessions, The Regatta Summer Dance, etc), we often use photography and videography to capture the spirit of the day. These will generally be taken by volunteers affiliated with the organisation of the Regatta – on some occasions, we will also share media with trusted partners such as Tim Hodges.

The purpose of this is to create rich content to allow us to promote the Regatta as a whole within the community, for example to populate the Gallery section of the WSR website. It will not be used for any external sales or marketing purposes and will not be transferred in any way to any third-party for such reasons.

Our aim is to be non-intrusive and to protect your personal privacy. It is not in our interest to take photos or video footage of any private moments.

However, due to the nature of the Regatta being an open-air event, and the volume of people attending, it is impossible for us to notify you on each occasion that you may have be captured by photo/video.

By attending any WSR event, you implicitly agree that you may be subject to capture by photography/videography under the above conditions. Your name or any other personal identifying details will not be linked to that image unless with your explicit consent.

If at any stage you have any concerns that you may have been captured inappropriately or against your wishes, in the first instance we would ask you to speak directly to the photographer/videographer. We promise to delete, in most cases immediately but in any case as soon as practicable, any media in which you are prominently or identifiably featured that you do not wish us to possess. If you are not comfortable raising a query with the photographer, please attend the Regatta Control Tent, where we will be happy to identify anyone taking imagery on our behalf and provide reasonable access to review any media we may have captured of you.

If you identify an issue with any imagery after the event (for example if you view a photo on this website that contains you, that you are not happy with), then please get in touch and again, we promise that we will remove the content.

Copyright in respect of any media created in this manner will be retained by the Regatta. However, it is our intention to do so under an ‘Unrestricted Personal Use’ model. In other words, we are happy (in fact, more than happy!) for you to use/reproduce any of the imagery for your own personal use. We only ask that you do not make any commercial gain or use it for any marketing/advertising purpose, or any purpose that may not be compatible with our own approach above.


Protection of Children

WSR recognises that, with respect to the capture and use of visual media, we have a special responsibility to take all reasonable steps to protect children. Our policy has been drawn up in line with the NSPCC Guidelines for the Use of Images of Children. We promise to ensure that, unless explicitly authorised or requested by a parent or other person with competent supervisory responsibility, any imagery showing children:

– will be taken exclusively at the event in question, within a public area

– will only show children who are adequately supervised

– will focus on the activity rather than a particular child or children

– will never supply the full name of the child along with the image. The only foreseeable exception to this will be where photography is taken during the Race Winners’ Ceremony, when children who have won events at WSR are presented with medals/trophies. These photos will be featured within the Winners section of the WSR Website, and are staged photos specifically taken for such a purpose.


It is the responsibility for anyone supervising children at the Regatta to ensure that they remain appropriately dressed whilst within any public areas.


This notice will be repeated within the Programme for the Regatta for easy reference on the day.